Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

My oh my are we in for a treat today! My good friend over at BlueberrySmiles and I have finally gotten around to collaborating on a little guest post for you. I am a huge fan of Celine’s food and her photography too, in fact she inspires me a lot (and she may not even realise this). We first met at a raw baking class one evening only a year and half ago in London, and since then we have progressed our friendship from virtual messages of support and likes to actually meeting up for food… and then making food together. So, it only seems right that the next step is to share each other’s food!

Sadly, Celine has moved back to Switzerland and you can find more information of all our foodie adventures in my Nourishing Review of Zurich, as well as on Celine’s blog, too. She is having a delicious time, as you’ll notice.

When it came to which recipe of Celine’s I wanted to share, I had a tough decision to make. From the gorgeous cakes and breakfasts she creates through to her delicious-looking meal prep solutions, I was spoilt for choice. But one thing on her blog had caught my eye a while ago, and I don’t know why it had taken me so long to re-create: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Believe me when I say this: this stuff is heavenly. It is what cookie dreams are made of. And it’s healthy. Yes, you read that right. There are no nasty ingredients in sight – in fact the hidden gem to this delightful treat is the humble chickpea, making this one treat you can enjoy for breakfast and all day long. This Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is crammed with protein rich chickpeas, caramel-ripe bananas, naturally sweet dates, the all essential vanilla essence and salt, peanut butter (because peanut butter is life) and those gorgeous chocolate chips. I also added some maca powder to mine for an extra caramel-like sweetness but can imagine it is just as divine without. Or perhaps next time I will add some baobab for a refreshing zing!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

So, without further ado, get your hands out the cookie jar and made a bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough instead!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Serves 1 large bowl (or 2 smaller bowls)

1 tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 squishy dates, stone removed
Pinch salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp maca powder
Chocolate chips – I used 50g milk and vanilla chocolate (Raw Halo*) cut into chips
Serving suggestions: peanut butter, chocolate sauce, cubes of chocolate, granola, nuts, hemp seeds, fruit

  1. Place all the ingredients apart from the chocolate chips in a food processor or blender and process until really smooth and creamy. It is quite thick, so you may need to scrape the sides down every so often. Now stir in the chocolate chips with a spoon.

  2. Pour into a bowl and serve with your desired toppings: I went for extra peanut butter, chocolate sauce and more chocolate! Eat straight away or cover and keep in the fridge for a couple of hours to enjoy later.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Are you a cookie monster? I challenge you not to devour this entire recipe, so maybe make a double batch if you do want to serve 2 people! Be sure to check out my guest recipe on Celine’s blog, too and take a look at all of her gorgeous recipes.



*This post is not sponsored, I loved this chocolate. All opinions are mine.

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  1. blueberrysmiles22 says:

    I’m SO glad you enjoyed it Amy! Especially after all the blissful moments your banana bread recipe has given me 😀 And thank you so much for this lovely post – always a pleasure to read! So grateful to have a wonderful and inspiring friend like you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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