Now how about something to drink? From cleansing super-green juices to indulgently rich hot chocolates, there’s something here to tickle your fancy any time of day.



Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl - While I’ve been busy dreaming up new smoothie bowl combinations, I realised I hadn’t shared one of my everyday breakfasts. It’s a fuss-free smoothie bowl that I love for so many reasons: Berries – because they are my life. I have them every day! Buying the frozen variety makes them much cheaper (so I can … Continue reading Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl
Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse - This is one smoothie bowl that’s sure to make your tummy rumble, your eyes shine bright and your smile stretch to your ears. Health meets indulgence. What could be better? After posting my Cacao Squash Smoothie Bowl, I knew I wanted to try the original and more common Sweet Potato Smoothie bowl. Yet, I didn’t … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse
Radiance Iced Tea Radiance Iced Tea - If you’re a tea lover like me, then you’ll appreciate this Radiance Iced Tea recipe. It couldn’t be simpler to make, and although it may take more time (it’s got to cool down!) than your normal warm cup of tea, it is definitely worth the wait. This wonderfully fresh alternative is great for the hot … Continue reading Radiance Iced Tea
A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie - This tastes like summer in a glass to me – light, refreshing and so juicy thanks to the abundance of berries. The coconut water makes the smoothie even fresher, while adding a bit more flavour and summery vibes. I love adding some baobab to morning smoothies as they add a real zing that really wakens … Continue reading A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie
Prickly Pear Smoothie Juice - Why is this called a smoothie juice? What makes this pear so prickly? To answer question 1 – this drink isn’t quite thick enough to be classed as a full-on smoothie due to a lack of milk or thickener. Yet, it’s thicker than a juice, and no juicer is involved. You see the dilemma? To … Continue reading Prickly Pear Smoothie Juice