Sweets & Snacks

Baking has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I am truly passionate about the process of putting love, time and soul into my bakes. So here you will find a selection of my favourite bakes, from speedy, raw ‘un-bakes’ to risen doughs requiring a little more patience. For the times when something savoury is required, I also have a few savoury snacks here to hit that salty spot.

Smoked Red Pepper and Walnut Hummus Smoked Red Pepper and Walnut Hummus - Don’t you just love it when a few staple cupboard ingredients combine to create one delicious and flavoursome dish? This is exactly what happened when I was craving some hummus and fancied a change from my usual tahini blend. Upon devouring this hummus straight from the blender bowl, I realised I’d happily and accidentally created … Continue reading Smoked Red Pepper and Walnut Hummus
Raw Banoffee Boost Slices Raw Banoffee Boost Slices - Are we in for a treat today, or what? After the amazing feedback on these Raw Banoffee Boost Slices on Instagram, I had to share the recipe with you as soon as possible. These epic bars of pure bliss are simply delicious. They fall on the right side of healthy and indulgent (which side is … Continue reading Raw Banoffee Boost Slices
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies - Have you tried peanut butter flavoured protein powder? It’s a game changer, and I literally could inhale the entire bag on smell alone. I kindly received this Nutty Nutty  Peanut Butter Protein Powder from That Protein for being shortlisted as the Best New and Noteworthy Blogger in the upcoming awards with the Health Bloggers Community … Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies
Cherry Almond Bakewell Cake Cherry Almond Bakewell Cake - Cherries, almonds, vanilla… it can only mean one thing: Cherry Bakewell. The sweet aromas of this Cherry Almond Bakewell Cake sing to the memories of my youth. As the smell spread throughout my kitchen I was transported back to school days, visiting friends houses and being offered one of these as a pre-dinner snack. Now, … Continue reading Cherry Almond Bakewell Cake
Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars - If you need another recipe to show those blackening and squidgy bananas some love, then this one is for you. I can never walk past these lonely fruits, knowing they will probably end up in the bin just breaks my heart. The ripest ones are the sweetest after all and make for the best bakes, … Continue reading Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars
Cacao and Maca Raw Nola Cacao and Maca Raw Nola - For any breakfast lover, it is only a matter of time before you make your own granola. I love making my own oat-based cereal, as you can be as inventive as you like with flavours or keep it super simple like my classic Granola recipe. Even though it isn’t difficult, sometimes you don’t want to … Continue reading Cacao and Maca Raw Nola
Coconut and Cacao Donuts Coconut and Cacao Donuts - As a happy two-month blog-iversay to Nourishing Amy, I have a special treat for all of you… Coconut and Cacao Donuts with Chocolate Coconut Glaze. I always say to eat more hole-foods! Donuts fit the bill perfectly. Joking aside, I am super proud of these ‘un-bakes’ and I am not afraid to say so. I, … Continue reading Coconut and Cacao Donuts
Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies - These are the family favourite. Hands down. I know there’s a plethora of chocolate chip cookies out there, but this one never claims to be a chocolate chip cookie. Instead, it’s more robust, hearty and chunky. It uses chopped chocolate for a rugged cookie, and the oats add that comforting ‘homely’ familiarity to them. You … Continue reading Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - My oh my are we in for a treat today! My good friend over at BlueberrySmiles and I have finally gotten around to collaborating on a little guest post for you. I am a huge fan of Celine’s food and her photography too, in fact she inspires me a lot (and she may not even … Continue reading Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Coated Coconut Bliss Balls Chocolate Coated Coconut Bliss Balls - AKA Easter Bunny Tails. Alas, Easter is but a distant memory and so is all the chocolate we received. But, fear not, for these beautiful little bliss balls make a delicious snack or sweet treat all year round, and as you can see their name is pretty adaptable. This is a recipe I initially created … Continue reading Chocolate Coated Coconut Bliss Balls
Easy Fluffy Flatbread with Hummus and Avocado Easy Fluffy Flatbread - What isn’t to love about a flatbread? Sturdy enough to hold your favourite fillings, but not quite as stodgy as some bread. They’re the perfect sandwich alternative. But that’s not it. I also enjoy these flatbread instead of tortilla wraps and pittas, or alongside crudités and hummus, the possibilities are endless. As well as being … Continue reading Easy Fluffy Flatbread
Chocolate Chai Peanut Butter - This recipe comes with a warning: once you start, you can’t stop. Have you made your own peanut butter? So many people, my former self included, are intimated by the process, fearing it to be far too complicated/time-consuming/difficult/easier to buy in the store. But I am here to change all that. Not only is it … Continue reading Chocolate Chai Peanut Butter
Fudgey Rocky Road Tiffins Fudgey Rocky Road Tiffins - You can thank me later for this one. Indulgent, rich, gooey bites of chocolate-y goodness filled with crunch, chewy dried fruits and topped with a layer of cacao nibs, these are not for the faint-hearted. Although, if you chop them small enough, then you can just have more! I first made these on a whim … Continue reading Fudgey Rocky Road Tiffins
Coconut and Raisin Scones Coconut and Raisin Scones w/ Coconut Whipped Cream & Coconut Jam - Who doesn’t love a good scone? I was kindly asked by Coconut Merchant to develop a recipe to celebrate the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, something to celebrate what Britain has to offer. What better way to show British pride than with a delicious, soft-crumbed and crunchy sugary topped scone! I combined the … Continue reading Coconut and Raisin Scones w/ Coconut Whipped Cream & Coconut Jam
Lemon Drizzle Cake w/ Homemade Candied Peel - When life gives you lemons… make lemon drizzle cake. You’ll only need 3 of these beautifully yellow balls of sunshine to make this recipe, and the zingy-sweet cake plays on your taste buds (and on your mind) for long after the cake has gone. In fact, I made this cake for a recent potluck style … Continue reading Lemon Drizzle Cake w/ Homemade Candied Peel
Cauliflower Leaf Crisps - So, we’ve had kale crisps, sweet potato crisps and mixed bags of vegetable crisps for a while now, so welcome to your new favourite: Cauliflower Leaf Crisps! I am so happy with this recipe for a few reasons: Waste not want not – unless you have a rabbit, people tend to throw the leaves away. … Continue reading Cauliflower Leaf Crisps
Ultimate Banana Bread - Why is this called ‘ULTIMATE’? I know that is quite a claim, but this is hands-down the best banana bread recipe I have made, come across and eaten. Over the years I have tried and tested numerous banana breads, each claiming to be the best, so now I am throwing my own into the mix. … Continue reading Ultimate Banana Bread