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Thank you so much for stopping by, I’m so glad you’re here.

My food and life philosophies are pretty simple – listen to your body. I believe that when you eat (with a focus on plants and wholefoods), move and rest intuitively, you are on your own way to optimum health and wellness. Feed yourself nourishing meals, snacks and drinks when you want and made up of what YOU feel like.

Society has made eating, dieting and lifestyle choices increasingly more complicated and stigmatised. If you didn’t eat kale for breakfast then can IMG_9163you even call yourself healthy? I don’t agree with the one-size-fits-all approach to food or wellness, instead we are all unique and we must celebrate this. That’s not to say that I haven’t previously been trapped by social media stigmas. From low fat to raw food diets, and from low carb to the belief that gluten free = healthy … I have been there, done it all, and have learnt a lot and grown in the process. I now live to eat. Food makes me excited, and nothing is out of bounds. It’s all about what feels right for ME.

Whether you have a big bowl of oats or an indulgent chocolate mousse for breakfast, it’s for no one else to judge apart from yourself. So, do what feels good for you. Let’s strip back the fads, step away from the ‘superfoods’ promising us optimum health and forget about the ‘perfect’ diet.

Here you will find plant-based recipes that I hope will bring you joy, make your tummy smile and be as kind to other beings as possible.

My journey to veganism isn’t all that complicated: I have always been interested in healthy eating though I used to be a very fussy eater! I feel I have found my niche – where I am no longer an awkward eater, but one who embraces foods in every colour of the rainbow, of every taste and that encompasses a wide variety of cuisines. As I became more independent in my cooking, I yearned to experiment with new flavours, ingredients and techniques – and gravitated towards beans, seeds, lentils, ancient grains… all this ‘hippie’ food as some may call it. The more I experimented, the more I craved this style of eating. From switching up dairy to almond milk in my late teens, to forgoing white meat and fish for chickpeas and legumes, and finally giving up my thick Greek yoghurt for coconut yoghurt, I never felt as though I was missing out. For me, it was all about expanding my repertoire, incorporating new foods and enjoying everything I ate. You may say I have now gone the other way and regularly enjoy ‘fake’ meats, tofu and tempeh for example.

Plant-based, wholesome foods, as natural as possible. But yes, that does include vegan donuts.

While living in a carnivorous household, I am met daily with cow’s milk in the fridge, meat near my seitan and my black beans sat next to tins of tuna. I make sure I do not lecture my family but encourage them to see the delicious benefits of a plant-based lifestyle through hearty meals and indulgent bakes. I hope you can similarly share these recipes with loved ones. It’s also a great tool for discussion about animal cruelty and I learn more everyday about the horrors of the meat and dairy industry. Veganism is certainly on the rise, and I am so happy for that.

 From celebrities to TV documentaries and global initiatives such as Veganuary, we are learning to live more mindfully. To eat in a way that causes minimal impact not only on our environment but on all living creatures who we share it with is a social aspiration. Hopefully one day soon…

IMG_9545Eating mindfully is also something I am passionate about. Eating is a huge part of our lives, and the cycle of hunger, preparation, satiation and cleaning is incessant. So why not enjoy the daily rituals? The more time, heart and soul I can put into my cooking, the better it tastes and the more enjoyment I am met with. But that’s not to say that the quick easy-to-throw-together meals don’t taste just as good. As long as there’s a focus on fresh, wholesome and high-quality ingredients, what’s not to love? Mealtimes are a feast for all the senses – texture, sight, sounds, smells, and taste – and while every meal may not be Instagram-worthy, take time to appreciate what’s in front of you. It amazes me every time I see people grabbing a sandwich on the go, texting while piling their forks high and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook while devouring a packet of cookies. STOP. Take time to use all your senses on the food, and you’ll feel so much more satisfied after.


In a nutshell: when we are truly in tune with our bodies, it is from here that health flourishes.

I hope you can relate to, be inspired by or simple enjoy reading what I have to offer. I put a lot of love, soul and life into my recipes and writings, and I would love to hear what you think, so please do get in touch or leave a comment on any of my posts. 


*Disclaimer: I do not have any background in nutrition, though it is a passion of mine, I have no qualifications in this area. Similarly, I am definitely not a trained chef but love to learn as I go!