Raw Cherry Chocolate Baobab Cheesecake

Tribal Smoothies and Raw Cherry Chocolate Baobab Cheesecake

Tribal smoothies are an industry leading brand when it comes to active nutrition and their range of exotic fruit smoothies are packed with organic baobab proving “natural fuel for life”. They are champions of “real-food” so their smoothies are great energising pouches for on the go fuel. Although, as you’ll see, they are also great … Continue reading Tribal Smoothies and Raw Cherry Chocolate Baobab Cheesecake

Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake Slices

Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake Slices

Raw cheesecakes are still a fairly new sweet treat creation for me, after discovering how easy and creamy they are with the right kitchen equipment. In fact, in 3 months I’ve created several cheesecake recipes and this Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake joins my previous Salted Almond Chocolate Cheesecake and my Lemon and Pistachio Raw Cheesecake, … Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake Slices

Peanut Butter Coffee Crunch Chocolate Slices

Peanut Butter Coffee Crunch Chocolate Slices

These almost raw, no-bake slices may just be a little bit addictive… you have been warned. I love making new variations on raw slices and experimenting with different flavour combinations and these bars are testament to one tasty afternoon of experimenting.  These ones are triple layered with several layers of flavour. They were first inspired … Continue reading Peanut Butter Coffee Crunch Chocolate Slices

Easy Veganuary Habits and Hacks: Dairy II

Following from the previous post about Dairy Hacks for a stress-free and enjoyable Veganuary, I am now sharing top tips to replace other dairy products. We are fortunate enough today that the supermarket shelves are well stocked with delicious and nutritious alternatives to your usual dairy products like cheese, yoghurts, butters, spreads and pastries. Pastry: … Continue reading Easy Veganuary Habits and Hacks: Dairy II

Orange and Cranberry Almond Biscotti

Orange and Cranberry Almond Biscotti

With a knowledge of the Italian language, it still makes me chuckle that ‘biscotti’ in every other language refers to this particular type of sweet treat, whereas ‘biscotti’ literally translates to mean ‘biscuits’. The Italian call these type of crunchy biscuit cantuccini which I think sounds much more exotic and enticing, don’t you agree? Nevertheless, … Continue reading Orange and Cranberry Almond Biscotti

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London, Part II

Hello avocado-lovers and welcome to Part II of my Nourishing Reviews Series: Avocado Toast Around London. If you haven’t already read Part I then check that out here for more green goodness. Without further ado let’s see who else has made my top Avo-licious dishes (scroll down for some avo-fun outside of London, too!). Lele’s, … Continue reading A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London, Part II


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