Good Morning Sunshines! Here you will find a collection of plant-based, delicious and nutritious breakfast ideas. Breakfast being the best meal of the day means that these recipes can be enjoyed at any time, with anyone. They vary from super quick and easy, to slightly more involved recipes allowing fragrant smells to fill your kitchen. I hope you enjoy.


Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl - While I’ve been busy dreaming up new smoothie bowl combinations, I realised I hadn’t shared one of my everyday breakfasts. It’s a fuss-free smoothie bowl that I love for so many reasons: Berries – because they are my life. I have them every day! Buying the frozen variety makes them much cheaper (so I can … Continue reading Forest Fruit Berry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl
Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse - This is one smoothie bowl that’s sure to make your tummy rumble, your eyes shine bright and your smile stretch to your ears. Health meets indulgence. What could be better? After posting my Cacao Squash Smoothie Bowl, I knew I wanted to try the original and more common Sweet Potato Smoothie bowl. Yet, I didn’t … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Tahini Mousse
Avocado and Kiwi Green Smoothie Bowl Avocado and Kiwi Green Smoothie - This is a smoothie for all the green-haters, who think that greens taste gross and are not breakfast worthy. To those haters, I say: try this Avocado and Kiwi Green Smoothie and then get a fresh perspective on your greens. I couldn’t think of a more delicious way to get your greens (unless they were … Continue reading Avocado and Kiwi Green Smoothie
Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars - If you need another recipe to show those blackening and squidgy bananas some love, then this one is for you. I can never walk past these lonely fruits, knowing they will probably end up in the bin just breaks my heart. The ripest ones are the sweetest after all and make for the best bakes, … Continue reading Berry Peanut Butter Muesli Bars
Turmeric and Maca Chia Pudding Turmeric and Maca Chia Pudding - What a perfect way to celebrate this warmer weather than with a bowl of sunshine? As soon as it gets slightly sunny in the UK, the shorts come on, the legs are out and we are smeared in white sun cream. We sure know how to make the most of the sunshine – and this … Continue reading Turmeric and Maca Chia Pudding
Cacao and Maca Raw Nola Cacao and Maca Raw Nola - For any breakfast lover, it is only a matter of time before you make your own granola. I love making my own oat-based cereal, as you can be as inventive as you like with flavours or keep it super simple like my classic Granola recipe. Even though it isn’t difficult, sometimes you don’t want to … Continue reading Cacao and Maca Raw Nola
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - My oh my are we in for a treat today! My good friend over at BlueberrySmiles and I have finally gotten around to collaborating on a little guest post for you. I am a huge fan of Celine’s food and her photography too, in fact she inspires me a lot (and she may not even … Continue reading Guest Post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cacao Squash Smoothie Bowl Cacao Squash Smoothie Bowl - The one thing that has been on me to-make list recently has been a sweet potato smoothie bowl, but then I thought “why is it taking me so long to make something so simple?” I always have sweet potatoes in the house, but perhaps I was holding out because I knew I would think of … Continue reading Cacao Squash Smoothie Bowl
A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie - This tastes like summer in a glass to me – light, refreshing and so juicy thanks to the abundance of berries. The coconut water makes the smoothie even fresher, while adding a bit more flavour and summery vibes. I love adding some baobab to morning smoothies as they add a real zing that really wakens … Continue reading A Refreshing Coconut Berry Smoothie
Fluffy Spelt Pancakes - Over my instagramming days, I have shared quite a few pancake pictures with you so it seems well overdue that I give back to you with a recipe. From chocolatey-rich indulgent plates to a towering berry and coconut stack to refreshing orange and yoghurt topped pancake spirals, these brunch delights have always been well received … Continue reading Fluffy Spelt Pancakes
Apple and Apricot Ginger Bircher Muesli - What’s your favourite way to start the morning? Everyone has their own little routine: some go for a run (those crazy people!), others crave a caffeine fix and some people will, without fail, always be rushed. I am none of the above. I like to start my day with some meditation and yoga, green tea … Continue reading Apple and Apricot Ginger Bircher Muesli
Prickly Pear Smoothie Juice - Why is this called a smoothie juice? What makes this pear so prickly? To answer question 1 – this drink isn’t quite thick enough to be classed as a full-on smoothie due to a lack of milk or thickener. Yet, it’s thicker than a juice, and no juicer is involved. You see the dilemma? To … Continue reading Prickly Pear Smoothie Juice
Baobab-Birch Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl - Everyone has their go-to green smoothie, and I am under no false impression that there aren’t already millions of superfood packed green smoothies, promising us to feel and look great. However, I am adding another one to the mix. This celebrates my love for all foods green, while still being sweet enough to not taste … Continue reading Baobab-Birch Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl
My Everything Granola - A food blog wouldn’t be a food blog without at least one granola recipe, so here is my first (of many) offering to you all. This is my go-to recipe when I don’t have any fancy ingredients in the house and want to make a simple, nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal – but don’t limit … Continue reading My Everything Granola
Ultimate Banana Bread - Why is this called ‘ULTIMATE’? I know that is quite a claim, but this is hands-down the best banana bread recipe I have made, come across and eaten. Over the years I have tried and tested numerous banana breads, each claiming to be the best, so now I am throwing my own into the mix. … Continue reading Ultimate Banana Bread