Every Day Matters: May

This is my first opportunity to share with you, in length, my inspirational theme of the month as encouraged by my “Every Day Matters” 2018 diary. Each month I have shared the monthly theme on my Instagram story, as well as talking about it and offering my interpretation within my posts.

Seeing as Nourishing Amy is brand new to the month of May, I haven’t been able to talk in more detail about the previous themes of 2018 which have all inspired me in their own way.

“Stop for a moment, cease your work, look around you.” Leo Tolstoy

Here’s a quick summary of the previous four months with their monthly affirmations:

January – Openness: “I open my mind to new ways of growing.”

February – Imagination: “I set my imagination free.”

March – Awareness: “I am open to the detail of every moment.”

April – Gratitude: “I am grateful for all that surrounds me.”

With the turn of the month, I now open myself up to a brand-new theme: Passion.

Passion shows itself in myriad ways – the heartfelt debate on a subject you feel strongly about, the complete absorption in a hobby you love, the heat that burns in a kiss. Like palm trees spreading their vibrant leaves upward and outward across the sky, true passion reaches farther than we may have thought possible, its commanding energy driving us together – think of the instant connection sparked between people who share a deep enthusiasm for the same thing, or the hunger we experience to be with certain people – and all the more so if we are willing to share our profound desires with others. This month is all about discovering what your truest passions are and aiming high to fulfil them. Hold on tight – May is going to exceed your wildest expectations!

Affirmation of the month: “I let passion into my soul.”

As soon as I read my monthly theme and affirmation, I just knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It was as if life aligned itself and this little book had predicted – without my knowledge – that May 1st would be my blog day launch and that this would be the day I begin to share with you all my passion, my hopes and my dreams. It felt so right. The funny thing is that it wasn’t even my idea to ‘go live’ on Tuesday 1st May, it was mum’s idea. I’d been ready for the last week or so, simply tweaking pages here and there – forever the perfectionist – so we discussed this we agreed I needed a date to aim for. No more faffing around, waiting for the perfect moment – was a weekday better than a weekend? Was the morning not as good as the evening? Who knew! It’s all a learning curve to me, but May 1st it was to be, and on May 1st, Nourishing Amy went live.


Having fun in Zurich 2018

True passion reaches far and wide, as my blog has the capacity to hopefully reach you, wherever you are reading this from. The internet knows no boundaries, so my message can spread like a breath of fresh air, either sat on a train on your mobile, sat in the sunshine on your tablet or sneaking peaks on your lunch break at your desk computer at work. Wherever you are reading this, thank you for letting my passion into your life.

I’m reminded of the deep connection I feel with my friends; the hobbies that we bond over and the passions that we share. Through food, health and Instagram posting, I have made the most amazing friends. After originally bonding over love of food, our connection goes to much vaster depths. Yes, we may talk about food an awful lot but now we live to help one another fulfil our dreams. By offering words of support, practical advice or an ear to listen, we share our passions equally and for that, I am grateful. The more I open up to my friends, to all of you, the hotter the fire within my belly grows, the more I feel compelled to share my food, lifestyle and blogging musings with you. If this is what passion feels like, then I never want this to go away.

What are you passionate about? To whom or to what do you feel compelled? I would love to hear from you and what you think of these monthly posts, so please leave a comment below or get in touch via the contact form. With passionate love x


For all who are asking, the book is: “Every Day Matters 2018 Diary: A Year Of Inspiration for the Mind, Body & Spirit”, Watkins Publishing.


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