Every Day Matters: July

July’s monthly theme: FRIENDSHIP.

“The bonds that our early ancestors formed were essential to humankind’s survival, enabling them to build communities that protected and nourished. Like birds flying in formation, even today we humans still find strength in numbers, relying on one another for support and guidance. Friendship provides a means to care for others and to feel cared for; to trust and to feel trusted. It creates a space for joy and laughter and for making shared memories. It lifts us up when we’re sad, gives us someone to celebrate our successes with and reminds us of all that’s good and meaningful. Above all, friendship provides a sense of belonging, a connectedness that means there’s always somewhere to turn. The activities this month offer a chance to develop empathy and compassion, and an opportunity to build and enjoy friendship in all its guises.

Affirmation of the month: “I strive to be a good friend.”*

I felt my heat soar when I discovered this month’s inspirational theme of friendship. It is something you’ll notice, if you follow my Instagram, that I often talk about. The support, love and encouragement I receive from my friends is unwavering. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful group of friends from all over. With each chapter of my life, I have built strong and long-lasting friendships. I may even say that as I have got older, the friendships that have remained are the ones that truly are nourishing to me and to my friends. That’s not to ignore the friendships that have fallen to the wayside over the years. I used to feel a sense of loss and sadness about these, but we change and develop as we grow up. Our environment and lifestyle choices put into focus what is truly important to us. I have come to learn that some friendships may mean everything at one stage in your life, but it’s OK if they fizzle out. We still have the memories.

Coconut and Raisin Scones

Coconut and Raisin Scones made for friends

I have grown up with some friends, discovering make up, selfies and shopping in London department stores throughout my teens. With others, I have deepened my love and passion for food by attending numerous events, eating my way through towns and cities and by being exposed to the loving community that is out there. Perhaps we’ve bonded over a shared passion but now our friendship goes much deeper and they are people I feel I have known my whole life – and not just for a couple of years. Other friends have been there with me through tough times, and although I may not see them often, they continue to be a rock to me, a shoulder to lean on and someone with whom only a few words are needed. I have friends who I see only a couple of times a year but we chat often and stay up to date with each other. I have friends that I see every week and who I can truly be myself around. I have friends who inspire me to be the best version of myself. I have friends with whom silence is not awkward. Silence is our mutual time for reflection and indeed we can meditate together and feel so in tune with each other’s emotions. I have friends who just know – they just get me. I could go on, and on, and on. But I won’t. this is a simple thank you to all of you out there who have played, continue to play or will play a role in my life – I am forever grateful.

On that note, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to all of you for reading and supporting Nourishing Amy and for believing in me. I am so excited to say that my blog has been shortlisted by the Health Bloggers Community as a top 3 New and Noteworthy Blog, and this proves the powder of the support, love and encouragement I have received. I will share more information shortly!

With friendly love and affection.

Elspeth's Kitchen Three-Tiered Cheesecake

Elspeth’s Kitchen Three-Tiered Cheesecake that I had the pleasure of creating with Elspeth

*The quote is taken from ‘Every Day Matters 2018 Diary: A Year of Inspiration For The Mind, Body & Spirit’ Watkins Publishing.

You can find more information about Elspeth’s Kitchen on her website.

  1. I agree whole-heartedly with your posts. Good friendships do indeed nourish us, as well as shaping the people that we become as we journey through life.

    Congratulations on your Health Bloggers nomination: well-deserved!

    • Thank you so much, friendship is so important in our lives and I love your words. Thank you, too – if you want to vote you can click the link on my homepage at the side. I would be very appreciative. Thank you lovely

  2. sophielol says:

    This blog post is so true that having great friends really does help when you need a pick-me up or for encouragement and to have a laugh with! I love my Everyday Matters Diary it’s so inspiring what each quote and task is for each month etc! Congratulations on being nominated for your blog award, as you know I have of course Voted for your blog. Keep up your great blog, I love seeing your posts 🤗xx

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