A Nourishing Review: Nutural World

This review has been a year-long dream of mine after first being introduced to Mordechai and his extensive range of 100% nuts nut butter. Still today, I can remember the colourful set up on display and his offers to try all the flavours – and believe me, there are many! From original single nut butters to spreads containing a careful blend of nuts and dried fruits/flavours, there is something for everyone. I am so excited to have been sent several of the pots to try and have spent many lavish hours tasting, describing and photographing them. For a nut butter addict, this is a dream come true. For the full range, take a look at their website here.

A Nourishing Review: Nutural World

A Nourishing Review: Nutural World

Come with me as we step inside the Nutural World… be warned, it’s silky smooth and utterly delicious (hence the numerous Great Taste Awards).


This luxurious, vibrant green spread is rich and mouth-satisfying in how it sticks to the roof of your mouth. The pistachios are lightly roasted to enhance the flavour and the smell is wonderful. It has a strong and distinct flavour and so it would overpower more subtle flavours but I love it spread on toast or stirred into yoghurt. The best way to get your greens, in my opinion.

Coconut Cream

Made of 100% dried coconut flesh, this is any coconut-ters dream. It is quite thick and isn’t your usual nut butter but it is so special. While I don’t advise to spoon it straight from the jar, it is best enjoyed stirred into curries or stews for a gorgeously rich and authentic coconut flavour. I’ve also been known to melt this onto crumpets for a delectable, slightly sweet treat.


Rarely is it that we see hazelnut spread without its companion: chocolate. This is a first for me! The gorgeous aroma of toasted hazelnuts with mellow nutty tones makes for a delicious ‘faux-chocolate’ tasting spread. I say ‘faux-chocolate’ because it is so reminiscent of the usual chocolate-rich spreads but is refreshingly a bit lighter on the palate and blends in beautifully to smoothies or drizzled over fruit. I genuinely spoon this one from the jar.

Sesame & Dates

I am a self-confessed tahini addict so the prospect of combining rich toasted sesame seeds with natures candy was almost too much to handle. The savouriness of the sesame seeds is balanced out beautifully with the jammy sweetness of dates and the subtle hints of vanilla bourbon shine through. I love being able to enjoy a sweet spread without all the added sugar and eat this one with a spoon from the jar. Or, fill a date with a spoon of spread and sprinkle over sesame seeds for a pop of energy.

Almond & Coconut

Almond butter just got even better. Toasted and fragrant almonds blended with creamy coconut and a dash of vanilla bourbon for a crowd-pleasing butter. This one is easy on the palate but is special enough to enjoy on its own with some crunchy apple slices. The depth of flavour is really tasty and adds a creamy coconutty twist to smoothies.

Hazelnut & Carob

If I could send you smells through the screen then this would be one I would offer to you. Fragrant hazelnuts with chocolate-y-rich carob powder. It is 95% hazelnuts which give the butter the classic nutty taste with a whopping 5% carob powder to give a luxurious taste similar to that of other chocolate spreads without any added sugars or oils. It’s a work of art! Plus, the texture is really silky smooth, making it perfect for drizzling over breakfast bowls. It is chocolate-y enough to fool even the most die-hard chocolate spread fans.

Pecan & Figs

This nut butter spread is perhaps the one I was most excited about tasting due to the sheer novelty of blending both pecans and figs together. Thanks to the natural sweetness of the dried figs (accounting for 10% of the mix) and the caramel-like sweetness of the toasted pecans, this spread is one of the sweeter ones but it won’t set your blood sugar levels soaring. The smell reminds me of cosy winter evenings, with the fire lit, eating mince pies. But you don’t need to wait until Christmas, this Pecan and Figs spread can be enjoyed all year round and makes a great breakfast spread on toast.


While there are still other flavours left in the range for me to try, I think I have put in a pretty solid effort at trying the seven flavours mentioned here. It would be hard to pick a favourite but I’ve finished the Pecan and Figs and the Hazelnut first if that shows you anything…

Remember these are 100% natural so the butters require a little elbow-grease (a.k.a. stirring) before enjoying as the oil separates. They also come in your choice of crunchy or smooth.



This post is sponsored by Nutural World although all opinions are my own and I love all of their products. I fully support their focus on 100% natural ingredients and their flavours are second-to-none, as displayed through their multi-award-winning range. I am excited to share more with you.
  1. sophielol says:

    These nut butters from Natural World look so delicious especially all the coconut and almond butters etc. I see from your Instagram page that you are doing a GiveAway woohoo! I would like to enter but I am just a tad confused what I need to do to enter etc and how many people I need to nominate? Would u be able to help? Can’t wait to enter and you did a superb job at reviewing all of the nut butters you were sent to try. Made me drool 🤤 even when I was reading!! 🤗🤗😱📷xxxx

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