Every Day Matters: December

December is the time for Transformation.

One of life’s great joys is that every single day offers opportunities for growth and transformation, even if we may not recognise these at first. Change can be a subtle process, and sometimes it’s only after proper reflection that we realise how our lives have evolved. As 2018 draws to a close, consider what has changed for you this year –personally, professionally and spiritually. And how do you hope to transform your life in the year to come? It’s important to remember that transformation must also contain some element of letting go. Acknowledging this, as well as celebrating the magic of new growth, can help us embrace unplanned change that might otherwise seem daunting. This month is all about finding the signs of transformation in your life and harnessing this positive energy to grow in ways you never dreamed possible. All you need to do is open yourself to your full potential.

Affirmation of the month: “I open my heart to transformation.”*

I was a little wary of talking about transformation at the end of the year as it is usually something discussed at the start of January, when everyone is using the hashtag #newyearnewme and making promises that most of them will never keep. But then I read on. And I thought a little more and perhaps December is the perfect time to discuss transformation as a way to see how we have progressed, changed and moved on throughout 2018. Change can be dramatic, it can be instant. One state of mind can quickly change into another as effortlessly and naturally as water turns into ice or as wood bursts into flames of fire.

Life changes all the time and it can be difficult. It is something that is often met with hostility and negativity. We don’t want to change, we don’t see the necessity of it as live seems pretty rosy from where we are standing. What we don’t know are the huge benefits that may come of this change because we are set in our ways. Resenting and resisting change or transformation only makes the task at hand more stressful than it need be. Yet change can happen so slowly that we barely even notice it. We thought winter was sprung upon us, but really, it changed naturally and over time. The leaves started to turn from vibrant greens to rich reds and oranges until they fell off the branches all together and only the deeply covered evergreens are left in bloom. The snow may fall and settle delicately and mystically on resilient hedges and our once-sun-drenched landscape is a winter wonderland of white sparkle. For this to happen we had to let go of the warmth.

Summer Salads

For every change to occur, we need to let go of what weighs us down. Just as the trees needed to shed their leaves in order for their branches to bare themselves, we must let go of routine, of familiarity and of comforts. Perhaps it’s a new job opportunity that scares us because we have to let go of what we loved about our old job. 

Taking a little time to reflect on my year was quite challenging. I can see the moments as they stand: the dates to remember, the social events, the blogging highs and lows… but thinking how they’ve transformed me or show a personal transformation was more difficult. A major transformation is the realisation that my true passion lies in food and lifestyle blogging. Taking my Instagram account to the next level with this blog was a major transformation for me; a recognition that this is what I truly want and feel destined to do. I had to let go of my fears and my self-doubt by throwing myself into it head first. I’ve recently started working more from home, having to let go of my previous autonomy, now having other pressures weighing on me. But I met this challenge with a smile, a determination and excitement. And it’s paying off – seeing each new task as a learning curve has opened my eyes to how I can continue to fulfill my dreams. Lastly, I also think I have personally transformed into a slightly more confident version of myself. I can say that I am proud of my hard work. I believe in my abilities when talking to brands and fellow bloggers. I try to have more self-faith and self-worth. I try. It’s a work in progress.

I try to accept transformation and not resist it. I try to not bury my head in the sand when I do not want to deal with an issue as I am usually accustomed to doing. Every day I learn new tricks and ways to accept myself. I am constantly transforming, growing. I am spiritually, professionally and personally evolving all the time and hope that 2019 will similarly be a time for growth.

I would love to hear your thoughts on transformation. What has changed in your life this year? How have you transformed? Do you meet change with resent and resistance?

Carrot Cake Cup-Scone
Carrot Cake Cup-Scone

On a side note, if you fancy some baking today, how about these Carrot Cake Cup-scones? I couldn’t finish off this post without leaving you with a recipe suggestion!

*Taken from “Every Day Matters 2018 Diary: A Year Of Inspiration for the Mind, Body & Spirit”,  Watkins Publishing.

  1. sophielol says:

    Such a true post Amy the above! This year has been so challenging for me and my family! But looking ahead hopefully I will be able to retake my exams and start further qualifications to reach my dream. I definitely think that your Instagram and your blog always are so informative. I think I need to believe in myself like you say, such a Transformation December!!! Hope you enjoy gearing up to the festive season and it’s feel of lots of Sparkle!! I can’t wait to see what Nourishing Amy blog will become and please launch a recipe book….?? I will be your first customer for sure 😊💜😊🎉😱🙉🌱 I love my Everyday matters diary it’s been such a help xxxx

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