Monthly Musings: June 2020

You don’t have to change the world today. The size of the steps you take aren’t a reflection of the size of your goal.

I found this inspiring message on a social media post recently (from @wearefeelgoodclub) and it really struck me as something I’d like to explore more. At a time where there is no right or wrong way to be progressing back to a more “normal” way of life, it often seems like nothing changes. We’ve all been living in some form of lockdown for a few months now – something we’ve felt worldwide. As I mentioned in my post about Isolation, while we are so very much apart, we have never been so connected.

As all countries begin to emerge from lockdown at varying paces and with new and different rules in place, it is easy to feel like we are being left behind. Or that we are not moving quickly enough or that perhaps we are moving too quickly. It is easy to feel out of step with life in general which is often reflected in our personal and professional lives, too.

Do you have big dreams? Really big dreams?

Think about that. Is there something you really want to do with your life – whether that involves travelling the world, finishing a master’s degree, becoming a CEO of the company where you work, starting up your own business…

There are so many dreams to be dreamt and so many steps to take to get there.

Progress is progress no matter how small.

While some things do change seemingly overnight, it is much more likely the result of a long stint of work. Hours of dedication, of thought and of motivation to get there. Wherever “there” is for you. So, do not be put off if your dreams seem too far away if they seem out of reach and unattainable.  Because those are the best dreams. The ones that keep you awake at night because you’re so excited. Or anxious, nervous stressed, worried, ecstatic, joyful, optimistic… all emotions are real and valid. When you feel all the feelings about one project, that, I think, is when you know you truly, madly, deeply care.

Stick with these feelings and learn to enjoy the roller-coaster ride of emotions, of ups and downs, of mini wins and gigantic learning curves. All the positives and “negatives” get you one step closer to your dream goal. And with a bit of time and distance, the “negatives” won’t seem too negative anymore, you will appreciate the lesson you learnt. It still may hurt (financially, emotionally, mentally) but I am pretty sure you will have a valuable takeaway from it.

That is to say that all of these steps may feel so small when you are living and breathing them each day. And it may not seem like you are any closer to your dream than you were yesterday. So, take time to sit back and think where you were this time last week, last month, last year. I reckon that your previous younger self would be so proud of where you are today and of all that you have achieved.

To keep track of my progress and to allow myself to realise all of my mini achievements – even the tiny ones – I try to keep a little diary of wins. From my first paid food photography job to my first sponsored post, to earning my first £xx on a job, to being shared on a huge social media account. Hitting milestones and noting them down will enable you to reflect positively on where you are today and keep you motivated for your journey tomorrow.

So just remember that the size of your steps today does not reflect on the size of your dream. Two steps forward, one step back is still forward. Taking a right turn and a left turn every now and then will keep you flowing and going, and you may end up somewhere beautiful and unexpected.

Keep dreaming and keep believing.

Chewy Dark Choc Goldenberry Cookies

Chewy Dark Choc Goldenberry Cookies

Find the recipe for these Chewy Dark Choc Goldenberry Cookies here.

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  1. Sheree says:

    Wise words Amy!

  2. sophiedxx says:

    Hey my great fiend Amy. Such a splendid read your June Monthly musings! I am taking some time of socials but I will be still reading your blog here. I didn’t want you to think I have abandoned your socials completely. Ahh I am like your longest Instagram commenter for sure.
    As I have been feeling 😱😔😢since I so want to get my dream job within Childcare and then I started to apply for jobs before lockdown then it all went. I was furloughed and i thought what was I going to do. Still thinking 🤔 if my job will be still there next year. I work in Primary but I have started a further childcare level 3 qualification and ahh even thinking of doing Open University 🎓which I would have never thought sbout it. Ahh as not the one for higher ed. However I so enjoyed your blog post above and so relatable. I also miss not seeing my fiends and of course you (known you since primary school days). So happy to have connected with you on Instagram and all of your socials. Can’t wait to see you hopefully in London at your cooking demos at festivals later on in their year.
    Splendid cookie 🍪 recipe I so want to make and super photography as always. Hope you and your parents/bro and girlfriend are doing well? Keep safe and my dog says woofs.
    Hope I can get my dream job being a TA in London primary school soon and I will try journaling down my achievements and for sure begin a deputy at my local breakfast and after school club. Got all of my qualification and sorting out my future Ed and reading books, podcasts, Joe wicks vids, music and zoom FaceTime calls with fiends. Dog walks as well with my super parents.
    Best Wishes your friend Sophie 😀🐶🌱🇬🇧🤔☝️💜xxxx Hope I will relax more when I am of social media for a bit and ahh don’t unfollow me as I Wil be back for sure. With everything going on I thought this would help

  3. sophiedxx says:

    Sorry for Ahh the long essay comments as always xxxx

  4. sophiedxx says:

    Saved to my WordPress saved collection and sorry for my late post comments on YouR blog love yiut Pinterest as well xxxx

  5. sophiedxx says:

    Lovetrying vegan 🌱 foods even for a non vegan xx enjoying a vegan biscoff brownie that my friend younger sister has started her own cake 🍰 delivery service in Hertfordshire xxxx with biscoff spread

  6. sophiedxx says:

    Can’t wait to read more of your blog comments. Will you post what you post recipes on Instagram on Your blog as don’t want to miss.

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