Monthly Musings: September 2020

When it comes to encouraging good mental health and what to talk about, well, the possibilities are endless. And I love talking about anything and everything in the hopes of inspiring some positivity in your lives – whoever you are reading this. It is also a cathartic exercise for myself, it makes me re-evaluate and challenge my relationship with my own mental health and wellness each time. 

Flicking through some inspiring quotes and diaries for inspiration of where to lead September’s Monthly Musings, I came across a quote:

“An open mind and an open heart are among the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. When we aren’t limited by preconceptions, judgements, labels, anxiety or fear, we become like birds soaring through never-ending skies. We free ourselves from limitations.”

Every Day Matters 2020 Diary, Dani DiPirro

September is a time for us all to “get back to it”, generally speaking. Schools are back, students start or recommence university terms and office workers head back after some sort of Summer holiday period. I appreciate this summer 2020 has been vastly different to those which we have experienced before, but there is still a certain mindset of “getting back to normality” (whatever that looks like to you).

At the same time, I also appreciate that nothing about this lifestyle is normal or “as it was before” and perhaps the very thing we need in order to step forward to enjoy this lifestyle is an open mind.

“Through openness, we can get to know better our strengths and vulnerabilities, create stronger connections with others from all walks of life, develop new and deeper relationships and learn to appreciate the beauty and value in difference.”

Dani DiPirro

When we allow our minds, thoughts and souls to be open, we welcome in different thoughts, different perceptions and those which may challenge our own. And in turn, this openness will broaden our horizons and our opportunities with new and often exciting changes. 

Change is scary and it is there to challenge us each step of the way, but a lot can be said for stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Welcome change with open arms and thoughts and you can be amazed at all you can learn. We physically open ourselves up to new life experiences when we strip back our preconceptions and lay down our fears. We mentally open ourselves up to challenging but rewarding and positive thoughts. We can similarly spiritually/mindfully open ourselves up to greater powers of intention, manifestation and destiny and dive into our lives without hesitation.

“Openness often leads to better decision-making, a constructive handling of difficult situations, a sense of adventure in a world without limits and the pure joy of welcoming the unexpected.”

Dani DiPirro

But day-to-day, how we can practise being more open?

I suppose, the main thing is that openness will look different on all of us, as does health, mindfulness, joy, wellbeing, anger, hurt, joy… we are all unique. The things that challenge us personally will be different, so similarly our fears and preconceptions will vary. That said, the mindset and intention to be open remains the same, whatever we are faced with.

  • Be curious: challenge your preconceptions or your current understanding of something and dive in deep. For me, it is food photography and I am throwing myself into learning all I can to improve and gain a better understanding. I’ve been putting it off as I fear it will make me feel inadequate…. Open your mind to constantly learning and accepting that you will never know it all.
  • Change it up! I am a lover of routine; it feels safe and it keeps my day flowing nicely. On the flipside, amazing things can happen when we step outside of this and try something new. Instead of making food straight away after work, try going for a walk. Or instead of starting work by 7:30am, trying a gentle Pilates or yoga class and accept that you’ll start work a little alter (from experience, this feels invigorating!)
  • Ask around: it is very natural that we form our own ideas, conceptions and thoughts around any given topic. And, if we are never challenged on this stance, we may never see the other half of the picture. It needn’t be anything too “heavy” or “political” but talk to friends and family about something that you are passionate about and see what they have to offer. An open mind is an active one.
  • A change of scenery: throughout COVID this year, we have been very limited in where we can go physically. Or have we? While we cannot as easily travel abroad, how about planning a little trip to the bottom of the garden? A walk around the block? Spend some time in another room in the house? When I want to change it up and be inspired, I’ll often change the room that I’m working from, or sit outside for 10 minutes. That said, there’s nothing wrong with making a dream “to visit” list and a lot can be said for a holiday away for opening up our hearts and minds.
  • Challenge your fears: as we mentioned above, fear often holds us back from being open. It actually closes off our world and our minds. Figure out what scares you. Write it down and think about the action steps you can take to challenge your fears and be more open to other opinions.
Enjoying lunch out in August 2020

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

Frank Zappa

Take some time out this month to challenge yourself and keep checking in about how openly you are living your life. Are you accidentally closing yourself off to opportunities, relationships and ambitions? Are you missing out on life? Living life with open intention to explore, challenge and experience to the fullest just may surprise you.

Let me know how you challenge yourself to be live in openness in the comments below and get in touch on social media, too – I’m @nourishing.amy on Instagram and use the hashtag #nourishingamy. I’m also on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest  – please say hello!

Espresso Cacao Nib Cookie Dough Balls

p.s. find the recipe for these Espresso Cacao Nib Cookie Dough Balls here.

  1. Hey my great friend Amy! I so enjoy reading your Monthly Musings and your September one is so relatable! I have got Positive diary by Dani and his quotes are so inspirational to read each day. I so enjoy reading your own quotes as well, as all of your delightful recipes, food photography is always on point and you are definitely not judgmental on the fact that I am non vegan 🌱 but love trying out vegan foods.
    I have been Norfolk with my parents and my dog 🐶 Ben in July for two weeks and August also over bank hols. We were meant to go to the USA 🇺🇸 on a summer cruise but we decided to keep put due to Covid restrictions.
    I have been having many interviews during lockdown and past couple of months on possible dream jobs in Childcare but haven’t been successful in any. Ahhh 😱 I so hope my dream job in childcare comes true as I always think it’s me! However I am going back to work this week since being furloughed for 6 months back in the primary school doing brekkie and after school club. Actually our old primary school.
    Splendid photography as always and aww 😍 I want to go to Chia in Hitchin new premises. I visited their old one ☝️ with my parents and dog Ben who says woofs. Hehe. I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the last of the sun ☀️, autumn weather. Definitely will tag you as always as I do if I bake your recipes. Yours definitely much better then mine hehe.
    Hope to see you around WGC and future virtual events and hopefully coooking live demos back in London.
    Best Wishes Sophie, my parents and my dog Ben! 😁😎🌱🇬🇧😀xxxxx Woofs from Ben and we all enjoy recipes for sure. My parents say hi to your parents and a hi to your brother Ben. Sorry for my long essay jk Rowling comments I do apologise, you inspire me every day to cook and would love to see more of lifestyle posts as well. Like vegan beauty blog posts.
    Best Wishes Sophie 😁😀🌈xxxx

  2. Super photos as well as always xxxx

  3. Saved to my Instagram saved collection 😁xxxx

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