Homemade Vegan Cookie Box and Festive Chocolate Bark

An impressive cookie box made up of delicious vegan biscuits, cookies and sweets: Gingerbread Biscuits, White Chocolate Macadamia and Cranberry Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Pecan Biscotti and Festive Chocolate Bark.

This year, I wanted to take my love for cookies to the next level and make a cookie box. It was a lot easier said than done. The actual cookie making, and baking was the relatively easy part of this process compared to the physical cookie box. I had seen so many pretty cookie boxes online with neat wooden sections in rustic old frames… but I didn’t have anything like that at home. So, instead of buying one I thought I would try it DIY-style and make my own. Through trial and error (and “help” from my eager kitten) I created my own cookie box from a lid box and a few other bits lying around. 

Homemade Vegan Cookie Box
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box

Here’s what you need for the Homemade Vegan Cookie Box:

  • A lid or shallow box: this one was about A4 in size but anything will do as you can customise it. Keep the size and shape of your cookies in mind.
  • Cardboard and scissors: cut out the pieces of cardboard to section off pieces of the larger box. I went for irregular sized shapes as this works best for the different cookies (and you cannot tell that they’re not “perfect”.
  • Bluetak: this held the cardboard in place rather than using glue, as it means you can dismantle it and use the box again.
  • Parchment or baking paper: I used a mix of white and brown parchment for this. The white parchment frames the entire box and the brown parchment helped to create the little sections.
  • Extra sprinkles: it is always a good idea to fill in any gaps with sprinkles or Christmas decorations!
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box

The cookies that I shared in my cookie are all available online and I have the latest Festive Chocolate Bark recipe below. You can fill the Homemade Vegan Cookie Box with any cookies/biscuits/sweets you like but these are some of my festive favourites:

The Homemade Vegan Festive Chocolate Bark is a really simple 10-minute and 4-ingredient recipe, but it is a really delicious one. You can make this with children, too, as it’s really fun to decorate the bark before letting it set. All you need is:

  • Melted chocolate: I always use dark as this is my favourite, but you can use any. No need to temper the chocolate or anything fancy!
  • Peanut butter: or you can use another nut butter, you want one that is fairly runny so you can make swirls with it.
  • Dried fruits and nuts: sprinkle these over the top. Any mix will do here and use your favourite ones.
  • Pretzels and sprinkles: these make the Festive Chocolate Bark really fun. I also love the salty-sweet combination of using salted pretzels. Make sure they are gluten-free if needed.
Festive Chocolate Bark
Festive Chocolate Bark

That’s all there is to this Homemade Vegan Cookie Box and Festive Chocolate Bark. It makes a really impressive centrepiece to bring out to friends and family with a cup of tea or coffee. There are no strict rules about what you can put inside your cookie box, but these are firm favourites in my household!

If you are looking for more vegan festive inspiration, how about my:

Festive Chocolate Bark (Vegan GF)

  • Servings: 14
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print

Rich and chocolatey bark made with only a few ingredients: dairy-free chocolate, peanut butter, mixed dried fruits and nuts and extra toppings like pretzels and festive sprinkles. An easy, fun and delicious snack.


  • 250g dark chocolate
  • 50g peanut butter
  • 50g mixed dried fruit and nuts
  • Extras: sprinkles, pretzels


  1. Melt the chocolate and pour into a parchment lined tray. Spread out evenly.
  2. Spoon over the peanut butter and drag a toothpick through to make swirls.
  3. Sprinkle over the mixed dried fruit and nuts some pretzels and sprinkles. Set in the fridge for 30-60 minutes or until set.
  4. Break up into 14 pieces. Store in the fridge.
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box
Homemade Vegan Cookie Box

Let me know what you think of this Homemade Vegan Cookie Box and Festive Chocolate Bark and how you fill your cookie box in the comments below. Tag me in your bakes, too, I love seeing them – I’m @nourishing.amy on Instagram and use the hashtag #nourishingamy. I’m also on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest  – please say hello!

With homemade cookie box love x

  1. Saw this on Instagram!! Those cinnamon roll cookies look so good!!! Great no waste idea!!!

  2. Hey Amy my great friend! Another super post- aww 🥰 definitely enjoyed reading about your diy cookie 🍪 box hack, I personally would love to see more of the above on your blog soon. Really enjoyed and definitely agree with the above comment the Cinammon roll cookies would be my favourite and of course the chocolate 🍫 bark!
    As you know I don’t like Peanut butter what could I use instead of nut butter as I don’t have? Aww love the sprinkles and of course the Pretzels 🥨 HAVNET had them in ages. Aww 😍 love your cookie 🍪 box diy jack as well and yay 😁 I saw your diy cookie box video reel on Instagram.
    I haven’t got a shallow box would I shoebox work or I have got my old iPad box that I could use. Also using a iPhone box as well. Using cooking paper to sort out the different sections is amazing 😉 I wouldn’t have thought of that. Love the Xmas decorations as well. Saved to my WordPress Saved collection
    Best Wishes
    Sophs and my dog 🐶 Ben
    Saved to my WordPress saved collection and I will be sure to tag you, on socials and sorry for commenting twice 🍫🌱💜👩🏻‍🍳🌈🐶😍😋😊xxxxx love the Xmas decorations

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