Monthly Musings: Veganuary 2021

If you can’t quite believe that the start of a brand-new year is upon us, then join the club. Perhaps it’s as we get older; time goes far more quickly, and BOOM January is here! Not that I mind at all, as each year (since 2014), January 1st marks the start of Veganuary – the month encouraging you to go vegan for 30 days.

“Veganuary is the world’s largest vegan movement, inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year.”


Veganuary stats

Now in its 8th year, the Veganuary campaign has seen 192 countries try vegan for the month with an amazing 1,000,000+ people taking the pledge. Of these, 98% would recommend Veganuary to a friend, isn’t that reassuring? And it’s not only individuals, brands and businesses are also proof that the demand and interest in veganism is rising, as more than 1200 new vegan products and menus were launched in Veganuary 2020 with more than 600 businesses taking part. Find out more stats on the Veganuary website.

You may have seen that global leadership teams at Nestle, Bloomery, M&S, Quorn, Tesco, PwC and EY among others are encouraging their employees to take the pledge as they are doing themselves as individuals. (source: Plant Based News)

How can you get involved?

First things first, take the pledge! All this means, is you sign up on the Veganuary website for FREE and in return receive emails, tips, exclusive recipes and a rolling update on the month to encourage you to keep going.

Secondly, get your friends and family involved! One of my best tips that I offer when asked about “how to go vegan” is to have a support bubble around you. Not only will they encourage you and understand what you’re doing, but getting them on board, too, means you can swap recipes, chat about how you’re finding the challenge and get excited together.

Thirdly, opt for vegan options in supermarkets and on restaurant menus. We all know how consumerism and demand works… the higher the demand for vegan products, the more the market will expand (and the cheaper products will become!). There are some truly amazing vegan products on supermarket shelves – that aren’t all about “fake meats” either. From vegetable tarts, to vegan chillis and plant-based cakes and bakes, there’s a lot to try out.

Vegan Cranberry Donuts
Vegan Cranberry Donuts

Find the recipe for these Vegan Cranberry Donuts on the Topic Skincare website here.

What if Veganuary seems a bit overwhelming?

Over the years, living a vegan lifestyle has become second nature to me and I cannot imagine living any other way. However, when talking to friends and family, I can appreciate the difficulties and the barriers. As a society, we are predominantly non-vegan and this way of eating and cooking has become engrained in us – so turning the tables overnight can seem rather daunting.

So, take baby steps. Veganuary is a great way to try it out with no strings attached. 

Being fully plant-based may not be everyone right now, but it needn’t be an “all or nothing” approach. Lots of people making a few small changes make a much bigger impact than a few full-time vegans. 

There are a few things that really help:

  1. Read up: education is key and this “reading” to read is two-fold. A) Read up on new recipes, flavours, cuisines and ideas that you’d enjoy making each mealtime a joy and not something to endure. B) Take time to read about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle not just for your own health and wellbeing but for the planet and the animals. Having a little more knowledge about WHY you’re doing this can be really motivational.
  2. Start with simple swaps: a couple of years ago I wrote a few posts that have already helped so many of you. Simple Dairy Hacks and Swaps Part I and Part II you can make, how to switch up your eggs and how to take on a more plant-based lifestyle. Being able to swap products like-for-like makes Veganuary much easier.
  3. Enjoy it and don’t be hard on yourself: we all make mistakes and slip up from time to time, so don’t be too hard on yourself if one morning you have a non-vegan croissant – it doesn’t mean you have to write the whole day off! Start again with your coffee and have oat milk for example.

This is by no means and full list of everything you will want to know about veganism and Veganuary, so I encourage you all (vegans, non-vegans, the plant-curious and those who like a challenge) to read up and do some research and find your own passion and motivation. It’s your personal story and mindset that will change your life (or just your January).

For more reading, have a look at my Veganuary 2019 and Veganuary 2020 posts as well as my November World Vegan Day 2018, World Vegan Month 2019 and celebrating World Vegan Month 2020.

  1. Hey my great friend Amy! Aww 🥰 this is such a interesting and helpful read for me especially as I am non vegan but honesty I am having way more plant 🌱 based milks, vegan chocolate 🍫 and bakes, veggie meals and using vegan Beauty/always looking for beauty products with the leaping bunny on and even look at my clothes now to see if they are not tested on animals.
    I do slip up have normal cows milk, normal crossiants, meat and I do love 💕 my fish and normal cheese. I love vegan cheese but never wanted to buy as I don’t know which ones would I like. I love vegan Marge as well.
    Aww 😍 splendid vegan tropic Beauty doughnuts 🍩 I definitely want to make amd I would swap the cranberries for raspberries or strawberries 🍓! As well splendid photography as always and I so enjoy oat with my decaf coffee ☕️ and especially the unsweetened plant milks. Also just recently I have been having almond milk on my cereal like vegan granola, or Weetabix.
    Aww 😍 I have seen on the Veganuary insta about the pledge and can anybody do it- I have been wanting to sign up but I thought you had to pay etc and it isn’t for half and half so every year I never sign up. But the above is so helpful definitely will sign up but just wanted to confirm it’s free.
    Happy new year 🥳 2021 and love 💕 your blog, your socials and Pinterest and will tag you into my bakes and makes using your recipes. Congratulations 🥳 to your brother on his amazing news send him and Phillipa congratulations 🥳 from me and my parents. My dog 🐶 Ben says woofs and he even enjoys natural dog treats and dog 🐶 vegan spray hehe. To make him smell nice after muddy walks. Hope to see you soon or around town xxxx ahh I so miss your amazing cooking demos in London xxxx

  2. Saved to my WordPress saved collection and sorry for late comments xxxx

  3. I will take a look at your older posts about Veganuary to help me and glad everyone can join in whether or not they are non vegans. Aww 😍 I love vegans ice cream magnum and halo tub. xxxx

  4. Moo free chocolate 🍫 is my favourite and been digging into moo free Xmas selection box and lol 😂 I am eating one now berry flavours one whilst reading your amazing blog xxxx

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