Gnocchi with Beetroot Sauce and Beans (Vegan GF)

This Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce and Beans is vibrant, wholesome and packed with creamy beetroot beans and vegetables. Ready in 30 minutes, this vegan and gluten-free meal is great for all the family.

I just love all things beetroot although I hardly ever use it (hence the lack of beet recipes on my website). The last few weeks I have been really into adding it chopped up to my salads for lunch but I wanted to make more of a “wow-factor” recipe this time round. I’ve used pre-cooked beets which are cheap and easy to use to make this dreamy high-protein sauce that pairs to well with the vegetables and gnocchi.

A plate of Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce and Beans
Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce

Why will I love this dish?

This meal is amazing:

  • Fresh, creamy and vibrant
  • Colourful, full of texture
  • High in protein from the creamy beetroot bean dip
  • With added crispy baked cannellini beans for crunch
  • Made with wholesome ingredients
  • High in fibre from the gnocchi
  • Naturally plant-based, egg-free and dairy-free
  • Easily gluten-free and nut-free
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Great to make ahead of time as meal prep
  • Ideal for lunch or dinner
  • Tastes like spring

If you already love the sound of this gnocchi, skip ahead to the recipe card below, or first let’s discuss the recipe in more detail.

What ingredients do I need?

The ingredient list makes the most of fresh and accessible seasonal ingredients, which you can look at in the “shop the recipe” section below.

  • Creamy Beetroot Bean Dip: make this up ahead of time to make this meal even quicker.
  • Cannellini beans: I love adding these to the air fryer or oven and baking till crispy as they add such a great texture and boost of protein. You can also use chickpeas or other beans.
  • Tajin seasoning: this chilli lime seasoning is fast becoming a favourite and I bought a jar on Amazon so cheaply and it lasts a long time. You can also swap this for some smoked paprika and ground cumin, if you prefer.
  • Olive oil: for frying off the gnocchi and asparagus. I like to use an extra virgin olive oil for the richer flavour.
  • Salt and pepper: for flavour.
  • Gnocchi: I use a cauliflower gnocchi which is half potato and half vegetable and I love it but you can use any gnocchi you like. You can even make your own form one of my recipes.
  • Asparagus: this is in season at the moment and is so good with pasta dishes and dips. You can also swap this for tenderstem broccoli or sliced courgette.
  • Garlic: this adds tons of flavour to the asparagus that works really well with the earthy beet dip.
  • Pomegranate: for some juicy pops of colour and flavour.
  • Vegan feta cheese: I love the salty cheese addition to most salads and pasta dishes and vegan feta cheese is one of my favourites.
  • Pine nuts: to add some crunch on top and you can swap these for sunflower seeds, too.
  • Mint leaves: to add some freshness.

Is this gluten-free and nut-free?

This is naturally gluten-free, just check that your gnocchi is free from gluten (it should be but some will add wheat to it). You can also make your own gnocchi from one of my recipes. To make this nut-free, swap the pine nuts for sunflower seeds.

How do I make this?

This is so easy to make:

  • Whip up the creamy beetroot bean dip: by blending together all the ingredients.
  • Air fry or bake the beans till crispy: with the tajin seasoning.
  • Cook the gnocchi: according to pack instructions. I pan-fried mine straight away but you might need to boil them first.
  • Fry off the asparagus and garlic: in the same pan till slightly charred.
  • To serve smear the beetroot dip all over the plates: and top with the gnocchi, beans and asparagus.
  • Serve with other toppings too: like vegan feta cheese, mint leaves and pine nuts.

How long will this last?

This will keep for 2-3 days in the fridge and you can also keep the sauce separately to use for other recipes, in the same way.

Close up of Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce
Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce and Beans

What else can I make?

If you are looking for more delicious dinner recipes, how about my:

A spoon on a plate of Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce

Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce and Beans (Vegan GF)

Yield: 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

This Vegan Gnocchi with Creamy Beetroot Sauce and Beans is vibrant, wholesome and packed with creamy beetroot beans and vegetables. Ready in 30 minutes, this vegan and gluten-free meal is great for all the family.


  • ½ batch of Creamy Beetroot Bean Dip
  • 200g cannellini beans, drained weight
  • ½ tsp tajin chilli lime seasoning (or smoked paprika)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil, divided
  • Salt and pepper
  • 350g gnocchi (2 portions)
  • 100g asparagus
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 40g pomegranate
  • 40g vegan feta cheese
  • 2 tbsp pine nuts
  • Fresh mint


  1. Prepare the Creamy Beetroot Bean Dip, if needed.
  2. For the crispy beans: add the patted dry beans to a tray and rub with the tajin, ½ tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper and air fry at 180ºC for 20 minutes (or in the oven for 20-30 minutes) until crisping and tender.
  3. For the gnocchi: check the instructions on your pack. Heat up 1 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan and add the gnocchi with some salt and pepper. Stir well and allow to fry off for 5-10 minutes until golden and crisp outside but tender inside. Remove the gnocchi from the pan but do not clean out.
  4. For the asparagus: trim the ends and slice into 2-inch pieces. Add the remaining ½ tbsp olive oil to the same pan with the asparagus and garlic. Season with salt and pepper and fry off for 2-3 minutes, till turning vibrant green but with some bite.
  5. To serve: spread the beetroot dip between two bowls or plates. Top with the cooked gnocchi, asparagus and crispy beans and top with the pomegranate, crumbled feta cheese, pine nuts and fresh mint.
  6. Enjoy straight away or keep components separately in sealed containers in the fridge for 2-3 days.

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With gnocchi beet and beans love x

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