A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

Are you heading for Hitchin? My favourite plant-based food spot, Chia Naturally Healthy, is located in the old churchyard in Hitchen. Since September 2015, Chia, led by founder Lucy Fisher, has been offering nourishing, healthy and nutritious superfoods. The space Chia Naturally Healthy feels like a home from home. With wooden beams across the ceiling, … Continue reading A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

Just Do It

A sage woman once said “Just Do It”. No, I’m not talking about anything to do with Nike, but rather my first interaction with Welltodo founder, Lauren Armes. It was April 2017 and I was experiencing my first ever Health Bloggers Community event at The Hoxton, London. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and out of … Continue reading Just Do It