A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

Are you heading for Hitchin? My favourite plant-based food spot, Chia Naturally Healthy, is located in the old churchyard in Hitchen. Since September 2015, Chia, led by founder Lucy Fisher, has been offering nourishing, healthy and nutritious superfoods.

The space

Chia Naturally Healthy feels like a home from home. With wooden beams across the ceiling, a narrow staircase leading to the first floor and cosy corners stacked with vegan lifestyle magazines it’s a perfect spot any time of day. Being dog friendly also means you’ll often find a well-behaved pooch nibbling at their doggy biscuits, too. White walls allow their artwork and quotes to stand out, and the natural light to burst through the old-style windows.

A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy Porridge

What we ate

Choosing what to eat at Chia Naturally Healthy is always a mission in itself, even though I have tried most of the dishes on the menu. It also offers an all day breakfast alongside a packed brunch menu which means visitors are spoilt for choice.

A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy

A Nourishing Review: Chia Naturally Healthy Brunch

We shared two portions of the Organic Blueberry Cinnamon Pancakes and the Superfood Protein Porridge. The pancakes are stacked high with fluffy gluten-free batter topped with warm blueberry compote, a healthy dose of almond mixed with cashew butter , a wedge of lemon and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  We added some granola on top, too, as it’s so crunchy and sweet. Think lots of caramelised nuts and seeds!


For more delicious details, check out my full review over on Glowcation – where you can also ready my Glowstar Interview! For more information on Chia Naturally Healthy have a look at their website and Instagram.

  1. sophielol says:

    I also want to try a Chia porridge as well since I never liked porridge but I never knew porridge could be so full of flavour xx

  2. sophielol says:

    I like your blog since it’s so full of so many amazing recipes and food, I can’t have some foods since I have a IB!! I am non vegan but I enjoy having veggies, and bit of everything including fish I am not keen on much meat!! Sorry for relating to animal food you being vegan xx

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