A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London, Part II

Hello avocado-lovers and welcome to Part II of my Nourishing Reviews Series: Avocado Toast Around London. If you haven’t already read Part I then check that out here for more green goodness. Without further ado let’s see who else has made my top Avo-licious dishes (scroll down for some avo-fun outside of London, too!).

Lele’s, Hackney

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Lele’s

Perhaps my most surprise entry to the list, Lele’s in Hackney is now fully vegan and has the one of the most original avocado toast I have eaten, and wow was it good. Actually, the word ‘good’ does not to do it justice. Two slices of thick and hearty sourdough, one topped with creamy smashed avocado, and the other topped with crunchy spiced and roasted chickpeas finished with fresh chives and seeds – it’s the little additions that make all the difference. I highly recommend a visit for the avocado toast alone, and then stay for round two with pancakes and one of their gorgeous slices of cake.

Farm Girl Café, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Carnaby

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Farm Girl Cafe

The avocado toast at Farm Girl Café divides opinions among my friends and I. After enjoying other brunch options at this laid back and chilled out café, I decided to try their avo toast. I wasn’t impressed at all, really. Two small pieces sourdough, mine were slightly burnt, topped with some avocado – yes it was creamy – and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds, that was it. And it was quite pricey. I wasn’t full but I felt I had paid more than enough for the privilege. That said, mum quite liked the simplicity of the dish, and she was presented with two slices of thick and yummy looking sourdough. The same can be said for my girlfriends who often opt for the avocado toast with eggs and really enjoy it. For me, it’s nothing special and too expensive for what it is, especially when there are far more exciting options on the menu.

The Bach, Hoxton

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at The Bach

I am so glad to have been introduced to The Bach in Hoxton. It is the coolest, most laid back Aussi café with a welcoming vibe that just celebrates weekend brunch. I have been back here and taken a group of uni friends, all with different tastes, and they all loved it. The menu is fairly egg and meat heavy, but they do serve dairy free milks and cakes, as well as being quite amenable in making the avocado toast vegan friendly. Ask to swap the feta for mushrooms and you’ve got a satisfying and delicious avocado toast. Thick white sourdough, creamy avocado (smashed or sliced) topped with fresh chilli, herbs, a side leaf salad and that juicy mushroom. Very tasty and very easy on the eye.

Ethos, Soho

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Ethos

Being a huge fan of the Ethos buffet – despite the dangers of an expensive pay-by-weight system – I was excited to try their brunch menu. However, I was highly unimpressed with their avocado toast option. One small, thin slice of toast, a minuscule amount of dark green avocado and I paid extra for some mushrooms to be greeted with 5 sorry slices of the fungus. I wouldn’t bother with their avocado toast but pass me a salad plate any day.

Côte Brasserie, multiple locations

I often meet at Côte Brasserie with friends in my local town as there are very limited places for brunch, and I, as you will know, am a weekend brunch kinda gal. I’ll take brunch over dinner and drinks any day of the week but that’s also because I am such a morning person and our Cote branch is light and airy. Avocado toast isn’t actually on the menu, but I always ask for a side of sourdough toast, a side of avocado and a side of tomatoes and I’m happy. It’s nothing I couldn’t do at home, but it hits the spot, the ingredients taste fresh and I enjoy my friends company.

Outside of London:

Chia Naturally Healthy, Hitchin, Herts

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Chia Naturally Healthy

Chia is my local vegan, healthy, wellness haven. I love having a cosy café I can go to any time of the day, where I know I can have anything and everything from the menu and I will enjoy it, without a shadow of a doubt. And I don’t even need to hop on a train into London, which is a welcome change. Although, sadly this means I cannot share Chia with as many of my London-based friends but I am working on them to visit Hertfordshire. I challenge myself every time I go to Chia – a treat mum indulges me in a couple of times a month – to try something new. I know I will be happy with any decision, but this makes that decision all the more difficult. You name it, I’ve probably, almost tried it. Avocado toast wasn’t the first thing I tried as I thought other dishes sound more exciting, but woah was I wrong. Freshly toasted sourdough served with spinach, lots of seeds, tomatoes and a mountain of garlic, lime and chilli smashed avocado. And it is a mountain! Needless to say, I devoured the avocado toast and it rates highly on my list (perhaps at the top?) so it finds its’ way into my London list.

Coffee Architects, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Coffee Architects

I have such a fond place in my heart for Coffee Architects; from slices of cake post-exam stress, to leisurely brunches with old uni-friends and now I avidly follow their social media, drooling over their cakes and brunch options. This is by no means fully vegan but each time I visit their vegan, gluten free and dairy free sweet selection grows extensively. They are also extremely accommodating to dietary requirements, so opt for the avocado toast with huge portobello mushrooms instead of eggs and you’ll be satisfied. Chunky sourdough toast with creamy avocado and lime juice – simple but generous enough portions of high quality ingredients to leave you happy. Then stay an hour and enjoy a slice of cake – the chocolate raspberry brownie is out of this world.

Roots and Friends, Zurich

A Nourishing Review: Avocado Toast Around London

Avocado Toast at Roots and Friends

Perhaps the most original avocado toast I have ever eaten. Actually, THE most original avocado toast I have ever eaten. And I often dream about the brunch at Roots and Friends. You may have read my foodie adventures around Zurich I posted here, but let’s go into detail about my brunch dish. Part of the Sunday brunch feast which features one main dish alongside a lemon-ginger-cayenne juice shot, creamy overnight oats, passion fruit, beet hummus, crème fraiche and crackers, the avocado toast was my obvious main choice. Thick and seedy toasted rye bread smothered in almond butter and creamy avocado slices topped with chilli, seeds, grapes and served with a tamari corn and chickpea salad. Oh, and those microgreens. This was a spectacular celebration of the original avocado toast and is the epitome of avo-love in my eyes.

That’s it (for now) on the Avocado Toast front around London, although I am sure there are many more places to try out my favourite brunch dish. I’ve got my eyes on a few and cannot wait to share my avo-adventures with you via social media – @nourishing.amy on Instagram. Please let me know your favourites in the comments below!



  1. ginphoria says:

    Love avo on toast its so satisfying!! Your local option at Chia looks amazing 🙂

  2. sophielol says:

    Amy! Another superb Nourishing Review Part2 of your favourite places to go for Avo on toast. Never knew our local Côte Brasserie does Avo on toast, I must check it out and yes I love Chia to in Herts too. It’s such a great cafe for yummy food. I have visited Heartwood Tearooms near St. Albans and they do Avo on toast. They are very food intolerances etc I am sure they would do vegan? Here is the link: https://www.heartwoodtearooms.co.uk/ I tried the Gluten free Lemon Cake and it was so nice and refreshing, the cafe also has a nice relaxing courtyard that you can eat in at the back. Hope you will find the link useful 😊xx I would love to see more nourishment reviews soon

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