Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Are we in for a treat today, or what? After the amazing feedback on these Raw Banoffee Boost Slices on Instagram, I had to share the recipe with you as soon as possible. These epic bars of pure bliss are simply delicious. They fall on the right side of healthy and indulgent (which side is the ‘right’ one, you choose!) for me, and although I still class them as a sweet treat, there’s definitely no hidden nasties here.

Chocolate. Banana. Peanut butter. Caramel. Nuts.
Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

What is there not to love? Only the best bits of plant-based baking have gone into these Raw Banoffee Boost Slices and only the best bits come out. Trust me, these will be a huge hit with your friends, your family, work colleagues… yourself.

I have been dreaming of Banoffee Pie Bars for a while now, and there are many out there. From super healthy, to super indulgent and rich, these tick all the right boxes for me. So, when Aduna kindly sent me a few of their Banana Boost Energy Bars, I just knew what I wanted to make.

They would make the most perfect base for a Banoffee creation thanks to the banana notes and the delicious baobab in there – and I’m so impressed with the results. I whizzed them up back to a crumble before compressing them into a tin to form the base layer.

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Next comes the ooey gooey banana caramel or banoffee layer: using nature’s candy. Squidgy dates and a ripe banana are all the sweetness we’ll need to keep our sugar monsters at bay. Add in some peanut butter and my-oh-my…

To top it all off we have a homemade chocolate, super simple but super effective. Anything homemade tastes better, right? This fail-proof chocolate does the trick and be warned: I spread it thick!

These Raw Banoffee Boost Slices aren’t for the faint hearted, but chop them small enough and you can definitely manage 2, or 3.. (or 4). Delicious served on their own or with some coconut yoghurt, fresh berries or ice cream.

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Read the instructions all the way through so all the layers are ready at the right time, and be sure to be gentle as things become very messy very quickly…

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices
Makes 12-16 squares

Boost Base:
7 x Aduna Banana Boost bars (280g in total) *
Banoffee Layer:
300g dates, soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes if not already soft
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp salt
1 ripe banana
Chocolate Layer:
100g coconut oil
40g Super-Cacao
1 tbsp carob powder
3 tbsp maple syrup


  1. Line a dish or Tupperware with parchment paper. Soak the dates and then drain them just before use.

  2. Prepare the base: whizz all the Banana Boost bars in a food processor until they form very fine crumbs. Tumble the base mix into the prepared tin and press down firmly to form an even layer – use a glass or something flat to make the base very compact (otherwise it will crumble). Place in the freezer.

  3. Prepare the Banoffee layer: whizz the dates in a food processor until gooey and paste-like, before adding all the other ingredients and blend until smooth. You’ll need to scrape the sides down every so often. Pour over the base layer and spread evenly. Return to the freezer.

  4. Prepare the Chocolate layer: melt the coconut oil over a bain-marie, remove from the heat and stir in the other ingredients until smooth. Pour over the banoffee layer, making sure it is evenly covered. Return to the freezer once more for about 2 hours to set.

  5. Remove the Banoffee Boost Slices from the freezer and allow 10-15 minutes before slicing (to prevent the chocolate from cracking) using a hot knife. Try not to press down too firmly when slicing as the banoffee layer may ooze out. Cut into 12-16 bars and enjoy!

  6. Keep the slices in the fridge for up to 1 week or they will freeze well – remove about 15 minutes before eating. Delicious on their own or served with thick coconut yoghurt or ice cream.

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

*or use your favourite base recipe, you’ll need about 280g of mix.

Are you drooling already? I would love to hear your thoughts on my Raw Banoffee Boost Slices so please leave a message below and tag me in your creations. I’m @nourishing.amy on Instagram and use the hashtag #nourishingamy.

This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own. I will earn a small commission on any purchases made via the link to Aduna on this post.

13 thoughts on “Raw Banoffee Boost Slices

  1. sophielol says:

    Aww they look so good! Not really a chocolate fan but these look so tempting! Lol want ingredients could I use to replace the nuts and the Peanut butter. Aduna banana bars look great- are they nut free? I must order from Aduna and how do I get to the link on your blog xx

    • nourishingamy says:

      The link to Aduna is on the blog post and also at the right-hand side of my blog pages. There you will find all the info on the bars. Use any seed butter instead of peanut butter x

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