Every Day Matters: August

Every Day Matters: August

August is the month for PATIENCE.

“Living mindfully, and enjoying each moment to the fullest, requires patience. Only by learning to inhabit the moment, without brushing aside our current experience as we hurry through our to-do lists, can we live in total appreciation of life’s beauty. Instead of constantly striving to achieve everything in an instant, patience allows us to experience our days and weeks slowly unfolding, like a vine growing and unfurling little by little each day. And the good news is that patience is a skill we can learn, practise and improve. The activities in the weeks that follow encourage you to nurture your capacity for patience in order to bring a greater sense of calm and appreciation into your life. If being patient is typically a struggle for you, the exercises for this month will start you on a path to more relaxation and acceptance.”

Affirmation of the month: “I am patient in all things.”*

Patience does not come easily to everyone and I like to think of myself as a patient person especially when it comes to being patient with others. That said, I have been known to be less patient with myself and how is that fair? If we are to practise patience with others, we must first practise the art with ourselves. Don’t expect to achieve everything we set our hearts on immediately. Yes, set the bar high and allow your dreams to soar, but be prepared for the path to be long and winding. You will get there! Have faith in yourself and your abilities but don’t be too hard on yourself if your goals take a little longer than expected to achieve.

Every Day Matters: August

Every Day Matters: August

When it comes to social media, I often fall victim to a lack of patience: wanting a particular post to ‘perform better’ or get us more ‘likes’ and a wider following. But we cannot grow overnight: we have to nourish to flourish. Nourishment over a long period of time will bring us glowing rewards if only we allow life to unfold. Passion speaks volumes, so I am learning to be more patient with my food blogging and continue to do what I love. I am patient and have faith that Nourishing Amy will flourish.

I am more patient with others and allow them more space and room for mistakes, learning and growing. I will always encourage friends to be the best they can be. To live in the moment and not to worry about what the future holds, but to be happy with the now. I recently found myself in a situation that tested my patience. My initial reaction was one of annoyance, irritation and namely negativity. It wasn’t fair that I was being tested in this way due to someone else’s actions and I immediately felt put under pressure. After feeling a storm beginning to surge within me, I sat down with my mum and also got some advice from my friends and took a step back. I was encouraged to see the situation from a different perspective (to practise June’s inspirational theme – read a full review here) and this took patience. After thinking deeply and seeing the situation from an alternative stance, I realised my initial reaction would not have been fair or typically very me. I would have reacted out of negativity if it wasn’t for my loved ones encouraging me to nurture my capacity for patience. Soon after, I felt much calmer and could re-approach the situation with a level head, with an open mind and, more importantly, with an open heart.

Perhaps your patience has been tested recently? I would love to hear how you cope with such situations, or perhaps you are already a very calm and patient person. Either way, please do leave a comment below.

“Have a little patience.”

Every Day Matters: August

Every Day Matters: August

This is my Lemon Drizzle Cake which you can find the recipe for here.


*Taken from “Every Day Matters 2018 Diary: A Year Of Inspiration for the Mind, Body & Spirit”, Watkins Publishing.

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