Monthly Musings: September 2019

Purpose – identifying, finding, harnessing your unique purpose.

Each new month rolls around so quickly, and I cannot believe as I am sat in bed, the morning light streaming in the window that September is here. How are we already in the 9thmonth of the year, and in the part of the cycle which feels like a countdown to winter?

With the time flying and with life going at full speed ahead, it got me thinking about what keeps you going? What motivates you? What are you passionate about?

(I have written about Motivation and Passion on separately blog posts so please do check them out for more).

This all, I realise, takes purpose. Knowing what that is and how to use it to your advantage. So this month I am going to explore in this post as well as on my Instagram captions throughout the month all about purpose. Whether you seek to find the purpose in your job, in your hobby, in your side hustle, in life in general, I hope to share some little nuggets that might make you stop to think. Everyone needs to feel a purpose in life – perhaps that’s for someone else in a particular instance or for yourself in others, having that purpose fuels the fire within your soul. It makes each day count toward an overarching goal. Purpose focuses your mind, body and soul on what you want out of life and keeps you on the path to your dreams.


P – is for passion. Without a lust for life, what have you got? Passion keeps us going and is what motivates us through the hard times. Are you passionate about your job? I appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to follow their dreams and do a job that lights up their heart, but I think everyone can find passion in some part of their lives. Maybe it’s a passion for sport – start attending a local sports centre, try out for a team, start a work netball club. Follow that passion of yours! You’ll be surprised and delighted to see others who share your passion.

Action: write down what you are passionate about? Animals, food, sports, reading… try to include something from this list in your life every day.


U – is for uncertainty. Life ebbs and flows. It is full of peaks and troughs and the uncertainty of life is what can be said to keep it interesting. It is unpredictable and at times this can leave us feeling uneasy. But with a clear sense of purpose for the journey, action and hard work, you can still feel motivated and enthused to keep going. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back, let your purpose be your guide. Follow it through the darkness – there will be light at the end of the tunnel, I’m sure.

Action: what feels uncertain right now? Unstable income? Unclear job prospects? Take time to let the uncertainty in and then think how you can overcome or work through these. Maybe it’s just sticking at it or maybe your purpose sees another route.


R – is for resilience. Thick skin, the bounce-back factor, elasticity, toughness. In life, on the path to our dreams and in everyday circumstances we will come up against things, thoughts, people and feelings to which we will need to be resilient. Remembering your purpose will help you stay strong and continue doing you. You don’t always have to be “strong” and it doesn’t mean that you are not “feeling the feels” but it means that you remember your higher purpose; the wider picture to keep you moving forward.

Action: make a note of ways in which you can show resilience; responses to other people’s negativity; reasons why you are doing what you are doing; things that make you feel stronger emotionally and physically.


P – is for pride. Be proud of you – who you are, what you do and what you believe in. Do not try to shrink yourself into boxes that other people want you in just be you and be proud of your dreams and your ambitions. Be unashamed, unapologetic and un-shy of what you are doing. Feel happy and confident with your purpose.

Action: make a mental note or keep a compliments journal – a list of kind things people have said about you and a list of things you love about yourself. Be proud of these things and re-read the list daily, adding to it as often as you can.


O – is for obstacles. In life we come across things that get in our way, obstacles, speed bumps, hiccups, you name them. Sometimes they are physical, other times they are mental. Sometimes we may be blocking our own way without realising. Think about your purpose or the end goal to help you find the strength or intelligence to jump over the hurdle and get back on track.

Action: note down what it is that is getting in your way – it may not be as obvious as you think. It could be a thought, an attitude, a person, a physical thing or a mentality. Once you’ve identified it, you’ll find it much easier to overcome.


S – is for speed. Slowly does it, step-by-step. The turtle will win the race. We are always in such a hurry to achieve our dreams, to be XYZ or to do ABC. We want to get there now and we aren’t always prepared for the long journey that lies ahead. Remember what your purpose is on your mission and allow yourself to take the time to do things properly and to let it unfold naturally. You can’t rush happiness.

Action: make a timeline of goals and how each goal builds towards your overarching purpose. Be realistic, maybe even be a little more cautious and remember that nothing happens overnight.


E – is for excitement. Being happy, looking forward to something, waiting with anticipation for something to happen is great. But remember to be happy and excited in the moment of doing. Don’t hinge all your hopes and dreams on one end goal. Think of the purpose of you and your actions and get excited for each stage of the process. Get excited about life – for the here and the now!!

Action: think about all the things you have to be excited (or happy) for but remember to think in the present moment, too. Have a look at all these mini moments of excitement and how they will build to make each day full of vigour.


This month’s theme has been a little longer, but I think your purpose says a lot about you. It says a lot about where you are, where you are going and what you want to achieve. Let me know what you think below and the results of these actionable tips.

With purposeful love x

  1. Such a lovely and inspiring and motivational post, Amy.

  2. Chocoviv says:

    Looking forward to September!

  3. sophielol says:

    Hey Amy! Splendid inspirational monthly musing for September month. I was so pleased about my Exam result retake which u got in the summer, I was well amazed. I should have got it when I was in Secondary school but I didn’t. I work in Primary school locally and I so want to work in a Primary in London. I am looking into further qualifications in Primary and I so hope my dream to be a teaching assistant comes true! 🤗🙉xxxx
    I also want to start like you my own beginner food and lifestyle page like you and maybe even a online blog. You are such a inspiration to me and you have definitely made me get into kitchen and learn how to cook in my early twenties lol 😂! I can’t wait to listen to your podcast from the health bloggers community. I so enjoy reading hbc magazine online, I receive your hbc email newsletters! They are super. I love my parents, my dog 🐶, seeing my friends, listening to Spotify on my Apple iphone, reading, cinema, going to alondon, eating out and much more. Listening to podcasts- I would love to read a blog post about your favourite podcasts and your inspiration people who got you into your wellness journey! Ahh sorry my comments are like essays, I feel so bad. I so want you to have your own cookbook for sure, YouTube cook alongs and Nourishing Amy fan t shirts xxxx 🌱🤗

  4. sophielol says:

    Saved to my word press and such a super blog post and super photography as always. Happy September as well 🤗xxxx

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